Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing carp fishing communities today, have access to discounted bait, social events, priority booking, promotional deals and more? Read more below and fill out the form to begin your application!

Here at Premium Carp Fishing we believe that carp fishing is all about the taking part – the getting out there and actually doing it! It’s this quality that we actively encourage.

PCF are now recruiting to form a ‘band of brothers’ (and sisters) who we feel have the above qualities amongst others to become part of our team. The team positions aren’t chosen from those who can fish for longer periods, have access to big fish waters or are always in the angling press.

We believe that we can bring together a select team of anglers from around the country, who can help promote the PCF brand, enjoy PCF social events and have the opportunity to try new or proven PCF baits before anyone else.

TeamPCF Membership Benefits Include:

Discounted Bait

On all PCF carp baits

Social Invites

to PCF social events

Priority Booking

on PCF venues first

1st Access

to new PCF baits

Join TeamPCF

TeamPCF Protocols

Personal information

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TeamPCF Protocol

  • All photos uploaded to the TeamPCF Facebook page must contain carp that have been caught on PCF bait only.
  • By joining TeamPCF you are agreeing to use our bait for most of your carp fishing. Privileges such as socials, discounted bait, discount at local tackle shops etc are our way of saying thank you for using PCF bait.
  • By joining TeamPCF you understand that you are representing the whole team and PCF, not just yourself. As such we kindly ask you treat other anglers both in the team, on the bank and online with the same respect you’d expect.
  • There is no tolerance for bad angling. We understand those that are new to carp fishing will need help and education of which we are willing to provide.
  • Do not give out the team store access details to any person(s) who isn’t a current member of TeamPCF.
  • If you know of someone who’d like to join TeamPCF please forward them to Carl Sharp who’ll register them as a new member. Non members added to the private Facebook page will be removed.

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