The Relish Spod Nectar (1L)

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Spod Nectar in 1ltr bottles suitable for all you spodding needs, highly attractive on pellets, boilies particles etc. Give your spod mix an added boost of goodness!

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The Relish Spod Nectar (1 litre) is produced from the very best ingredients and are designed to be both highly attractive and Nutritional, ensuring long term effectiveness and suitable for year round use. A blend of Fish, Krill and Crab Meal with added liquid attractors, Shrimp paste, Oriental Spices and our unique blend of granulated Essential Amino Acids, make this bait both instant and suitable for long term use on any venue at home or abroad. 

1 review for The Relish Spod Nectar (1L)

  1. Steve Grantham

    I honestly believe this is a must have product.
    The results I have had using this speak for themselves fantastic product.

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