The Relish Hard Hookers


The Relish 14mm hard hookers have been designed specifically to match our shelf life and fresh for freezing boilies. These are harder than your ‘standard’ boilie to last longer when submerged.

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All of Premium Carp Fishings hard hookers have been created specifically to match the same boilies we produce and contain the same fantastic attractors and ingredients. They have been designed to be harder than the ‘standard’ boilie so they last longer when submerged.

The Relish – The Holme Fen Boilie. The Relish contains a fine blend of Fishmeal, Krill, Squid Powder, Belachan, Soluble Fish Liquid, Yeast, Molasses and Maple Extract combined to create a lovely dark sweet aromatic ball of goodness irresistible to carp! Also known as our Holme Fen Fishery boilie as the monsterous carp held within were predominately reared on this bait, so they are accustomed to knowing this is a good food source for them.


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