The Ghost Pop ups


The Ghost 14mm pop up boilies designed specifically to match our shelf life and fresh for freezing boilies. Contains cork dust for a longer lasting erection!

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The ghost pop ups are designed specifically to match our shelf life and fresh for freezing carp fishing boilies. These are available in 14mm only and contain added corkdust for a longer lasting erection. So you can be cofident that these will stay up for the duration of your carp fishing session and take on less water over the course of that time. Ideal for a multitude of fishing rigs including the chod rig, the multi rig and of course the simple pop up rig.

All of Premium Carp Fishings pop ups have been created specifically to match the same boilies we produce and contain the same fantastic attractors and ingredients – just with added cork dust so they are buoyant and perfect for fishing ‘popped up’. Give your pop ups an extra boost with one of our matching bait booster sprays!

A milk protein-based bait that is just as good in winter as it is in the warmer months. The Ghost comprises a combination of milk proteins and carbohydrate sources, with a unique blend of natural attractors that give the bait a creamy-caramel smell with a hint of spice. Creamy white in colour, The ghost fulfils a critical role within the PCF bait range, as there is growing awareness amongst modern-day carpers that a return to milk protein baits can provide great advantages, especially in cold water situations. The ghost combines the best elements of those classic mixes of yester-year with modern bait design to provide a truly year-round bait.

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