Stinky Pinky Supreme Pop ups

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Stinky pinky supreme pop ups come in a 10mm or 14mm pop ups to give you flexibility when angling. A pale pink colouring with a pungent smell which has accounted for carp in the mat. Contains cork dust for a longer lasting erection!

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All of Premium Carp Fishings supreme pop ups come supplied as 10mm or 14mm pop ups to give you flexibility when angling and giving you more for your money. All supreme pop ups have been developed with hooking a carp in mind, using the best attractors and flavours available to us at the time. Added cork dust so they stay buoyant throughout your session.

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Boilie size

10mm, 14mm

4 reviews for Stinky Pinky Supreme Pop ups

  1. Dan Roberts

    Whatever hookbait I try, I always come back to these. For some reason they always out-perform any hookbait in my bait bag. And if I’m unlucky enough to blank, which is quite often (not down to the bait I’m sure!) a quick test in the margin after 24 hours in the lake and they’re still popping up proud.

  2. Warren summers

    My go to bait, an let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a stinky pinky 😜

  3. Steve Grantham

    When I use a pop up this is the first one I go for. Always feel confident I will catch with the stink !

  4. Mantas

    Top quality pop ups, works in any water, have caught many fish using on its own or in conjunction with the relish.

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