Cocofruit Hard Hookers


Cocofruit 14mm hard hookers have been designed specifically to match our shelf life and fresh for freezing boilies. These are harder than your ‘standard’ boilie to last longer when submerged.

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All of Premium Carp Fishings hard hookers have been created specifically to match the same boilies we produce and contain the same fantastic attractors and ingredients. They have been designed to be harder than the ‘standard’ boilie so they last longer when submerged.

Designed to make their mouths water. Cocofruit combines milks, bird foods, yeast and natural coconut with one of the best (but often neglected) fruit flavours of all time. A bait that is effective year-round, it is a subtle natural light brown colour. It has proved itself in long-term baiting situations on some really hard circuit waters and represents great value for such a high quality bait.


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