Cocofruit Bait Booster Spray

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Cocofruit bait booster spray enables you to give your hook baits an additional boost of confidence before casting out. It can also be used to top up the pop ups attraction or added to floating pellets / dog biscuits for creating a slick and adding attraction when fishing on the surface.

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The possibilities for what to add our bait booster spray to really is endless but here are a few ideas we had in mind when creating this spray. Spray on hook baits before casting out, add to stick mixes, coat pellets and/or dog biscuits for additional attraction.

Designed to make their mouths water. Cocofruit combines milks, bird foods, yeast and natural coconut with one of the best (but often neglected) fruit flavours of all time. A bait that is effective year-round, it is a subtle natural light brown colour. It has proved itself in long-term baiting situations on some really hard circuit waters and represents great value for such a high quality bait.

1 review for Cocofruit Bait Booster Spray

  1. Dan Roberts

    When on the bank, I never cast out a hook bait now without a squirt. It smells lush and gives me a little more confidence. When off the bank, the missus prefers it to my Lynx Africa. Keeps me smelling tasty after a long day at work. A very versatile product

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