The Trout Lake

The Sister Lake to Woodpecker – Making a Name for Itself!

Located in Cambridgeshire close to St Ives and Huntingdon, the lake has been run as a trout lake for the past 25 years with a small number of carp being left to their own devices over this time. Trout fishing has now stopped with the majority of trout being removed and approx 70 carp introduced in Feruary 2017 prior to opening. These fish weighed between 12 and 23lb to boost the original stock, numbers of which are unknown. Fish are growing fast with several fish over 30lb being caught; the current lake record is an original common of over 35lb. A further 40 fish are planned to be introduced in early 2018

The Trout lake is a 12 acre gravel pit dug in the 1960’s for gravel and sand extraction. There are 14 swims consisting of a mixture of natural grass verges and purpose built dugouts. Parking is located on one side of the lake providing very close access to a number of swims and easy access to the rest.

Syndicate information

The trout lake Carp Syndicate 7 day – £400.00
Mon 8.00 to Fri 11.00 – £300.00

Site rules
  • All nets and  unhooking mats must be fully dried preferably in the sun prior to bringing on site
  • No litter to be left in swims.
  • Litter to be taken home at the end of your session
  • No guests without prior agreement
  • Only fish in designated swims, do not damage trees or vegetation.
  • Any person fishing must have a current EA rod licences
  • Please have respect for other anglers, only fish obvious swim areas, and ask adjacent anglers where they are fishing. Swim demarcation is identified on the lake notice board, please familiarise yourself.
  • Lake boats can only be used to assist release of snagged fish, there must be 2 people available, and life jackets must be worn (available in the office). Request help from fishery management if you are on your own.
  • We accept no responsibility for any damage or loss to equipment or vehicles which may occur whilst at Earith Lakes Fisheries.
  • The fishery is a natural environment which we do our best to maintain; as such we accept no responsibility for any personal accident which may occur as a result of being on site at Earith Lakes Fisheries. Trips, slips and other such incidents can and do occur and are generally beyond our control. Please report any incidents to the shop in order for them to be recorded. Minors require constant supervision by a non-fishing adult.

The Trout lake

  1. 3 rod limit
  2. Micro barb or crushed barbed hooks only
  3. No Bait Boats
  4. Must use at least 1m of tube or leader. No braided main line
  5. Drop off lead systems only inc. chod rigs
  6. Large sided unhooking mats or cradles must be used at all times (no beanie mats), landing nets over 42”, no sacks or keep nets
  7. No rods to be left unattended (next swim rule applies where appropriate and with remote sounder where proven to work)
  8. No baits to be left on hooks outside water. No food or bait to be left in open (loose dog on site)
  9. Manufacture prepared tigers are permitted in small quantities. No other nuts permitted. All particles to be fully soaked prior to fishing and used in moderation.  Management may ask to check baits and will ban any that are poorly prepared.
  10. No pike fishing


Below you’ll find some of the resident carp which reside in this lake. We can’t add all of the images we receive to this gallery so here are some of our favourites.

The Trout Lake Media

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