The Meadows

Holme Fen Fishery has been Purposely Designed as a Specimen Carp, Day Ticket Fishery, where PB’s are Regularly Broken.

The Meadows is located close to St Ives and Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, approximately 26 acres in size with an average depth of 12ft, but going down to over 40ft at its deepest point. 2015 and 16 and 17 have been total sell outs for which we would like to thank you all, therefore we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. Fishing is not easy but if you get a bite it could well be a PB. We estimate the Meadows boasts 80+ fish over 40lb with maybe 20 over 50lb and an impressive lake record of 68lb.

The lake is a gin clear gravel pit with abundant weed growth that supports a very rich supply of natural food, including various insect larvae, snails, mussels and shrimps. There are a plethora of gulleys, mounds and bars over the entire lake which remain relatively clear of weed and offer ideal places to present hook baits. Anglers can drive to, or very near to their swim to unload equipment and then park their cars in one of 4 available parking areas conveniently located around the complex.

There are 15 purpose built swims evenly spaced around the lake, giving anglers excellent access to many features including islands, troughs, bars, etc. There are 3 double swims and a number of swims in close proximity to each other allowing small groups of anglers to fish close and enjoy the social experience as well as the excellent fishing. A draw is conducted on arrival (11:00am) where swims are chosen and any questions answered. If you wish to know information / spots for you chosen swim we are there to assist.

Lake rules

Venue rules

Fishing is strictly by prior booking only. When arriving at the site (no earlier than 9:30am) enter the gate (using code emailed to you a week prior to arrival) and park in the main car park. You can walk around the lake but please do not bother existing anglers. A draw will be held in the main car park at 11:00am. Once you have selected where to fish you may drive to the swim (as near as permitted) to unload your equipment before parking your car in the nearest designated car park.

Your car must then be left in the car park for the duration of your stay – therefore it should NOT be used to travel to the toilet, to the gate to pick up a takeaway or around the lake to see other anglers irrespective of the weather conditions.

Minimum age is 18 years for any exceptions please call to discuss.

No non-angling guests permitted on the fishery.

Your ticket permits fishing from 11:00am on the date of arrival. You must leave the fishery no later than 11:00am on your day of departure. Do not arrive on site before 10:30am (there is nowhere for you to wait) – if you are early the local villages of Earith or Somersham have local amenities. On your arrival you may walk around the lake while waiting for the 11:00am draw.

Anglers may not leave the site after 8:00pm or before 6:00am unless because of an emergency.

Takeaway deliveries must be made before 8:00pm. Most importantly, food must be collected from the on-site collection point at the main car park so ensure the takeaway driver has your mobile and you have provided them with the gate combination number – do not leave rods in water unattended or use cars to collect.

Swim/Peg rules

Always respect other anglers and do not cast into adjacent swims.

No fires. You can use BBQ’s but please ensure these are placed on bricks or slabs provided, do not place directly on the grass.

Fishing is allowed from designated swims only. Please do not damage the vegetation.

No dogs allowed.

No rods to be left unattended (unofficial 40m remote rule applies however please be aware that this could lead to you being in trouble with the Environment Agency).

All rubbish must be taken home. Any angler with rubbish in their swim will be asked to leave, and those leaving rubbish in a swim will be banned. If you find rubbish in your swim upon arrival please report to this to the bailiff.

Bait rules

Pellets, Particles and Tiger nuts may be used in moderation but must be purchased from the fishery in advance.

Maggots can be used from November.

No artificial (plastic) bait apart from zig bugs.

Tackle rules

3 rod maximum limit (this includes your float fishing rod).

No bait boats unless you’re on a lake exclusive booking then its up to the person who booked.

Micro-barbed hooks only with maximum size 6.

Maximum lead size of 4oz.

Minimum line strength of 15lb inc Zigs.

No braided mainline, naked chod rigs, leadcore or shock leaders of any kind.

Minimum of 1 meter tubing or manufacturer prepared leaders i.e. Safezone.

Fish Safety rules

You must carry fish care treatments to use on all hook holds marks or damaged fins etc.

Carp may only be held in a large recovery sling to assist weighing and photographing – the maximum time should not exceed 15mins. No carp to be placed in a sack because they are dangerous.

Badly damaged fish must be retained in a sling and reported to the emergency numbers immediately.

Suitable LARGE slings and SIDED carp mats or cradles must be used – no flat or beanie mats allowed.  Please make sure all fish are weighed and photographed as close to the water as possible, avoid carrying fish in your landing net (use your sling to carry landing net and fish to your mat) as this will aid their recovery.

All slings, mats and nets must be dry prior to entering the site – anybody caught unpacking damp equipment will be asked to leave immediately without refund. Fish safety is of paramount importance.

No movement of fish. Fish should be returned to the lake they were caught.

Additional information

Pictures of all 30lb+ plus fish should be emailed to the fishery team within 2 days with your name and size of fish, date, bait used plus any other information you think applicable email address to use:


Below you’ll find some of the resident carp which reside in this lake. We can’t add all of the images we receive to this gallery so here are some of our favourites.

The Meadows Media

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