Way back in 2013 when Teakettle Fisheries opened its gates to the very first syndicate membership non of us could’ve predicted that 6 years later we’d have well over 20 carp that are 30lb or over – in fact we have 24! (as of August 2019).

Compared to many other well-established carp fishing venues in the UK this might seem insignificant – but not to us, or to the dedicated members who have remained with us from the beginning or to the new members who appreciate what the venue has become.

We’ve seen many changes over the past 6 years, members have come and gone, various upgrades have happened, copious fish have been caught and Courtney has done more laps on his lawn mower than a 24 hours Le Mans endurance race. One thing however has remained consistent – the fish have been piling on the weight.

Alongside Gary, Dave, Courtney and Ben, I have been here from the beginning when the biggest fish caught was just scrapping 30lb on a good day. That fish still remains the biggest fish in the venue at a whopping 44lb (August 2019) and is probably the one fish most of you have heard of?

But there are many more fish over 30lb in both Whittle Mere and Thorney Mere today – these fish we call the ‘faces’ . For a fish to become a ‘face’ it needs a name, but to name a fish two requirements must be met.

1. The fish must be over 30lb.

2. The fish can’t have been caught over 30lb previously (otherwise it will have a name).

If these two requirements are met we allow the captor to name the fish whatever they like with the bailiffs approval.

So with that said, it’s time we introduced you to all of the current Teakettle Faces as of 2019.


Whittle Mere Faces

1. Apple Slice 44lb +

2. Thumper 35lb +

3. Stella 32lb +

4. Garner 36lb +

5. Neils Fish 35lb +

6. Gobbler 30lb +

7. Creed 33lb +

8. R’kid 32lb +

9. Carol 33lb +

10. Warrior 30lb +

11. Jessie Girl 31lb +

12. GS 30lb +

13. Ed 31lb +

14. Honey 31lb +

15. Bruiser 30lb +

16. Dave 30lb +

17. Jelly 30lb +


Thorney Mere Faces

1. Hadders 37lb +

2. Podrick 32lb +

3. Peaches 36lb +

4. White Scale 32lb +

5. Riddler 31lb +

6. Moley’s Common 31lb +

7. Willow 35lb +

So there you have it, all of Teakettle Fisheries current ‘faces’. Some of these have been named as recent as last month so its still an exciting time to be a member at our brilliant venue. If you’re interested in getting your name down for next years waiting list or want to know a little more about Teakettle click on the link below.

*Please note the weights above are what we have on record for each individual fish. These weights will and do fluctuate throughout the season.

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