The Meadows

Another good week on the Meadows with a number of big fish seeing the bank. The guys did not have to wait long before Paul banked a 54-14 (pic) from Blown away fishing at the end of the wind.

Barry had two from Harry’s going 46 and 34. Not to be outdone his brother Graham also had two from Jake’s. an ‘in form swim’ as of late going a respectable 50 and 44.

Tom moved into the Pump Hole on showing fish and managed a 28 and 18 common. This slowed down a bit at midweek then the wind picked up and Jamie banked a 49 several hrs after hooking it having been weeded three separate times (good angling).

Larry had a 41 from the Reeds then caught the largest of the week at 58-08 (pic) as he was packing up Friday morning.

TeamPCF took over the lake during the weekend for their third and last social of the year, of which more money was added to the total charity pot. PCF will be soon announcing which charity we will be donating all raised monies too.