The Meadows

Steve Vines grouped booked the Meadows for the week full of anticipation following last weeks big fish captures.

The group set themselves up around the lake covering all areas including the islands to give themselves best chance of a bite and were soon into action, which continued through midweek only to slow down over the weekend. The successful group managed 23 fish including several PB’s going 23:03, 23:10, 25:04, 33:00, 37:08, 38:10, 39:04, 39:06, 43:04, 45:00, 18:00, 40-08, 49;12, 35:00, 47:00, 50:00, 50:06, 43:07, 37:00, 32:00, 45;08, 50:12. Quite a week!

Poachers Pool

Andy Brayanton booked Poachers for himself and his mate selecting to fish a social in the Pipe and Midpoint swims. Conditions looked favorable while the boys found their spots with Andy fishing Midpoint select close range spots up to the weed bed, while his mate fished the mouth of the cut-out and along the treeline. The pair caught 6 over the two day period going 33, 29:10, 29:08, 25, 23 & 11.

Leigh Welford and his group booked the lake for the rest of the week catching four from Poachers point going 30-06, 24-08, 14-06, 13-10. Andy caught two from the Pipe at 24:08 and 25:08 and Steve had a 25-08 form Midpoint. Well done guys.