Holme Fen Explodes a Record Week! – Week starting 10th September

Meadows – 2 x 60’s, 3 x 50’s, 3 x 40’s

I guess I should not have been surprised when my Woodpecker syndicate members pulled Holme Fen apart, the close proximity of the waters and their intimate understanding of available baits assisted them in probably catching the best UK group catch ever reported.

Booking the week-long session, Ian’s group settled in and soon started seeing fish show down the centre of the lake. Seb arrived later in the day having previously drawn Sunset Point and immediately made an impact netting a 47-08 PB whilst still spodding. Graham had his first bite early Tuesday morning banking a 58-05 PB following this with another two by 9:30, one a 20 and the other a great looking 46-05 Linear. During Wednesday Graham had his fourth from the Lookout at 42-06 and Jesse had a 52-08 PB from the Dugout Bay. Doba had been steadily baiting Jakes after coming out the draw last, putting his baits on the mouth of each of the entry / exit points to try and ambush anything coming through the islands. At 6pm Wed he caught ‘Jakey Boy’ at an impressive 65-03 PB, following this with a 24-12 and 21-04. Next it was Ian’s turn catching a 33-06 from Party Point during Thursday.

Vinny arrived Thursday setting up in the vacated Reeds swim to start his 5th Session on the Meadows, previously never having a bite. Fri 8’45am he was into his first fish playing it through a weedy area when he was cut off. He really thought the Meadows was his boggy water but 15 mins later he was into his second bite of the morning. This proved to be an epic battle with the fish plodding around in the deep water in front of the Reeds for ages, until Nobby finally got the net under it and realised Vinny had caught Captain Jack ! Which went an incredible 69-10 PB and his first ever Meadows Carp after several years of trying. Later that day Jess was into his second making it a brace of 50’s by catching a 55-05 PB, again from the Dugout , which whilst unhooking he realised there was a second rig in its mouth, and it turned out to be the fish Vinny had lost that morning 15 minutes before catching Captain Jack, Funny how things turn out!!

Poachers – 3 x30’s, 2 x 20’s, +5

A reasonable weeks fishing on Poachers with fish showing signs of regaining pre-spawning weights

Duncan booked the whole Mid-week session for a couple of mates and himself selecting to fish the Takeaway, Pipe and Midpoint swims. Ben managed 5 from the Pipe including a 32-05 PB others went 27, 20-08, 16-06 and 16. Duncan banked the largest of the week at 33-08 plus a 28 from the Takeaway and Roy had 16 and 16 from Midpoint. Rob and Paul fished the weekend session both catching. Rob had a 32 from the Takeaway while Rob managed a 19-12 from Midpoint.