The Meadows

A great weeks fishing on the meadows with a  number of big fish seeing the bank.

Richard booked the midweek session with his mates from the Nunnery, selecting to fish with just 8 anglers they had a great time with everybody catching. Rob and Richard doubled up on Harrys catching 43-02 and 28-12 from spots towards the middle at 28 wraps.

Alan had a good session on the Reeds with a 49-08, 37 and 17 common with Michael fishing next to him in the Lookout bagging the biggest of the week at 59-08 plus a 26 common. Dave had a 24 from the Beeches, Simon a 30 from Jakes, Dave a 15 common from East bay and Macca had a 36 from Party Point.

The weekend session continued in the same vein with Ben Catching a 43 and 37 from the Lookout, Mick had a 37 from the Reeds and lee catching three from the Dugout going 43, 42 and 37.