The Meadows

Despite conditions looking good the Meadows fished hard this week. The midweek group managed three, however one of them was a 58-08. Chris fish Harry’s catching all three of the fish at 58-08, 45 and 24-08. The weekend proved just as hard with two fish seeing the bank.

Chris caught  a 38.08 from Harry’s and Paul had a  31.02 from Jakes.

Poachers Pool

In contrast poacher pool continues to fish well. Mon – Tue saw Charlie catch four from poachers point fishing on the edge of the weed bed, going 25-12, 22-08, 22 and 21, while Josh caught Two from the Takeaway at 28 and 16. The midweek session was equally productive with Peter catching four from the Takeaway at 26, 20, 15 and 12. Jez had a 23-12  and Peter a 23-12 both from Poachers point. I missed the weekend guys so cannot confirm their catches.