I’d like to start this article off by thanking all the new and existing members of the syndicate who have helped us look after our brilliant venue. So thanks from myself and all of the Teakettle team.

This season saw the opening of Thorney Mere, which had previously been closed to everyone except the very few. We decided on this early on, when first acquiring the fishery. In doing this, it has allowed us to turn Thorney Mere into what it is today – a natural, largely untamed water with maintenance applied as and when required. The complete opposite to the well-manicured Whittle Mere.

During the closed period on Thorney Mere we have assessed the current stock in the lake and supplemented it with additional Premium Carp. We have also introduced new swims, bridges and openings for more anglers to enjoy this little slice of paradise on the outskirts of Peterborough.

So whats been happening?

Following some serious weed management early on this season and late last season, it has held off the majority of the weed across both lakes. Whilst we agree weed is necessary in a natural carp environment, it had become a problem which was effecting angling and fish safety. We quickly rectified this and the results from doing so speak for themselves. Less weed, equals less food for the carp, so naturally they are back on the hunt for food, and in turn more than likely to come across an anglers trap!

Catch report

There are way too many fish and anglers to mention everyone, so I’ll reflect on some of the more notable catches from the season so far and with Autumn fast approaching, I’m confident we’ll see many more fish caught as the weather cools.

Most notable catch in my opinion, this year we saw Apple Slice grace the bank, check out this awesome photo! Originally way back when Teakettle Fisheries first opened this fish was caught at 28lb. Every year, without fail it seems to keep on growing and now is a mid 40! There are also the rank of ‘Faces’ in each lake (Carp over 30lb with names) which seem to steadily grown year on year. There are currently around 6-7 30+ carp in both Whittle Mere and Thorney Mere, most of which are original to the venue.

Swipe left and right on the gallery below to see some of the fish caught this season so far


To round things off, ill finish by saying well done to everyone who has caught this year! Even more so to those who have had new PBs! Thank you once again to our loyal and new members for helping us keep such a fantastic venue.

Steve Evans  – Head Bailiff

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