It’s been a great first week opening after we closed for spawning, with 19 fish coming out from all over the lake, despite the relentless heat and lack of wind. The larger fish started spawning on 6th July, a year to the day from the previous season. Some smaller fish spawned about 6 weeks previous while the lake was still open.

The water levels are now getting low, making it necessary to land any fish in the water. If you are fishing, please come prepared with waders or short and crocs. Tommy started the ball rolling at the beginning of the week with a four fish haul including a 49-02 from the Beech double. Paul had a 41 from the Pump hole and Stevie had two mid-twenties from Harry’s.

Later in the week was produced the biggest fish to Dale, banking two at 53 and 42 from the Beech double. The weekend fished well, with James catching three from party point at 43, 40 and 37. Nick had a 40 plus 22 and 18 commons from the Reeds while Sim had a 28, Andy a 32 Tony a 13 Common and lee Birch a 18 (plus reportedly loosing a monster at the net).