Meadows: 2 x 50’s, 4x 40’s
Another reasonable week with a number of large fish seeing the bank including a new best weight for Apples at 53-08. Bertie Baxter had a great session in the Reeds. Knowing the wind was going to change and a low was due in during his stay the Reeds was an excellent choice. Carl caught 5 including Apples the others, all 40’s went 48, 44-08, 41, 40-08. Paul Harrington caught a 50-08 early in the week from Party Point and Jamie Bartlett caught a 31 from Harry’s.

Poachers Pool
Nigel Mitchell fished poachers over the weekend catching four. Nigel selected to fish the Takeaway knowing the fish have a tendency to follow a westerly wind , so fished either side of the bush with one rod cast towards the middle. Nigel’s first, and new UK PB, was caught within a couple of hours, he followed this catching 14, 28 and 29 all on PCF baits. Kris Garrett caught a 30-08 and Ed Ives had a 19-08 from Poachers the previous week.