Meadows 50, 40, 30
Fish have been caught in all areas of the lake this week. Phil Halliwell started things off fishing to an area in the left hand corner of the Pump hole catching a 43-10 Mirror on Tuesday. Wed –Thur saw Lee Dickenson catching a 34-02 also from the Pump Hole from a spot 20ft deep on the far bank. There was also a 19lb fish from Jakes. During the weekend Paul Harrington caught the largest fish of the week at 50-08 (pic) from Party Point double.

Poachers Pool
Kris Garrett fished during the weekend deciding to set up on Poachers Point catching a 30-08 (Pic), fishing towards the far bank. Ed Ives also fishing from the point had a 19-08 from the middle of the lake.