Meadows 2 x 40 and 30
The tricky conditions continue with the occasional fish falling to a well presented bait. Mid-week was particularly hard with the only fish a 31lb Common, one of a number we introduced around 10lb four years ago, was caught by Garry Martin from Jakes. Ian Warby managed two over the weekend from the Dugout. Using PVA bags fished towards the bay weed bed, Ian’s fish going 41-12 and 42 came out within an hour of each other on consecutive nights.

Poachers 2 x 30’s
Poachers was free during the week giving the fish a good rest. Paul Cole turned up for the weekend session and selected to fish the Takeaway swim. Fishing either side of the bush Paul managed to net 4 including 2 thirties, going 31-03, 30-09, 27-11 and 15 (pics). Great angling Paul.