Meadows 5 x 50lb+
I’ve been away for a couple of weeks so apologise for the incomplete report. I’ve not got the full information for this period but have heard about a few large fish coming out. Tony Axel Cox fished Party point catching a 59-09 from just 40 yards out using PCF Stella Yellow and Relish Pellets. Jonathan Phipps fished the same week catching 52-04 and 49-08 on PCF Cocofruit and Relish mix from the Reeds. Mark Morley caught ‘Apples’ from the Pump hole weighing in at 50-02, while Richard Read had a 53-02.

Congratulations to Nigel Ludbrook for his capture of Captain Jack at 68-08 from the Beach, the second time it has been out over a British record weight!

Sorry I have no information for Poachers.