Meadows: 60, 50, 4 x40’s
A slightly harder weeks fishing in very changeable weather conditions with a nice surprise.
Mon – Tue provided good sport with 8 fish seeing the bank, Darrin Price fished Harry’s catching 44-06 plus 2 mid-thirties, Barry Harrowing caught a 45-08 and 36-06 from the Reeds and Rob wood had a 53-14 from Jakes. There was also a further 30 which I have misplaced the details. Woodpecker syndicate guys were on for the rest of the week with Bill having his first and only run within 5 hrs catching Captain Jack at 68-05 from the Lookout at approx. 110 yards towards the left hand bush of Party Point. Nobby had a 26-06 from the Reeds; Jess had a 36-03 from the Dugout and Simon a PB 42-09 from the Beach. Waz caught a 17-08 from Four Strong Winds; Graham had a 34-04 from Jakes with Ian catching 3 from the Beach going 43-02, 25-05 and 24-15.

Poachers Pool
Poachers did nothing until the weekend when Alistair Rumbelow caught 4 from the Takeaway. Alistair fished the margin bush to good effect bagging a 35-08, 26-12, 21 and 17 common. Colin Adams had a group of fish feeding in the channel whilst fishing the Pipe swim however was unfortunate that a stockie grabbed his bait when he had several much larger fish feeding on the baited area, guess that’s fishing for you.