Meadows: 4 x50’s, 6 x 40’s
Lee Poyser’s booked the lake for a midweek session and fished with 5 of his mates having a great time and catching many PB’s. Sean Pashley selected to fish the Reeds and got straight into the fish catching 11 in total going 58-08, 50-02, 48-12, 48, 43, 42, 39, 38, 35-10, 33-03 & 23. Lee Poyser had two from Harry’s going 51-10 and 42-04, while Justin Clark caught a 55-08, 41-06 and 18 from Jakes. Danny Holwood fished the Beach Double catching 25-03 and 18, Gordon Pashley had a 18 from Party Point and Ricky Whalebone had a 19. The fishery then switched off over the weekend without a fish seeing the bank.

Tom Whithan and James Marriott fish Poachers Pool from Mon to Friday and also had a great time with plenty of fish. Tom selected to fish Mid Point catching 3 at 37-04, 27-08 and 20. James fished the Pipe catching 7 at 35-10, 27-04, 26-01, 19-08, 16 and two low doubles. Great fishing . Poachers also shut up shop over the weekend with the group blanking. Last few sessions available via the website