Meadows 9 x 40’s, 8 x 30’s
Ashley’s group booked their regular weekly session on the Meadows arriving in high expectation following last week’s haul. The week started off a little slow but finished on a high and the guys went away satisfied. Ashley selected to fish the Reeds, a swim that usually does well this time of year and caught 8 at 48-07, 45-03, 37-03, 35-04, 34-02, 28-08C, 22-13, 17-13C Matthew fished Harry’s catching a 46-05, 40, 3-11 and 30-12 all over the weekend while Big Steve caught throughout the week bank 3 PB’s at 33-06, 42-02 and 45. Ged caught a 44-05 and 38-03 and Gary had a 42-07 both fishing Party Point, Paul Kent had a 38-11 from Party Point single and Adam caught a PB from the Beech as he was packing up on Sunday morning at 46-11.

Poachers Pool
Poachers has fished a little tricky this week. Mon –Tue the lake was free while wed-Thur saw a few fish on the bank. Dan managed two from the Takeaway at 29 and 24-4 both from the left hand bush and Gavin had a 21-04 from Poachers Point. Then the fish seemed to switch off over the weekend with only one stockie seeing the bank from Mid Point swim plus a double figure Bream.