Meadows:  60 & 11 x 40’s
What a change in a week! The Meadows has gone mad this week with fish out all over the lake. Alistair’s group booked the lake for the week and had a great time with 6 out of the party of 8 breaking their UK PB’s. Andy Flint selected to fish the Reeds swim fishing at about 70 yards to a clear area which comes into its own after the fish have spawned. Andy Caught Captain Jack at over 60lb plus others of 43-08, 40-08, 38-12 and 31-08 all caught on our Relish boilies. Richard Syrett fished the Pump hole catching a 45-06 (PB) plus two others at 19-01 and 14-14 on PCF Relish, Nigel Rix had 5 going 47, 40, 36-06, 23-06 and 21 from Jacks again on the Relish and Alistair Rumbelow caught a trio of  40’s at 43, 41-08, 40-12 plus a 31-08 from the Dugout.  Colin Adams Fished Party point with Ray Hockley catching 48-02, 40, and 2 x 34-08 while Ray caught a 46-12 at 38-12.

Fish continue to hold up in the weed in the middle portion of the lake, although they are feeding on the road bank as well as visiting the bushes on Meadows side and of course the spit. A number of fish out this week ; Jamie Donaldson had a 25lb Mirror from the Takeaway,  Adrian Nicholson caught 3 from Midpoint Swim going 28-12, 25-08 and 25-10 while David Scott had a 28lb mirror from the Takeaway. There was also a further 27 out on Monday.