Its been a hard week on the meadows this week despite a low pressure and variable winds the fish just wern’t having it.

Phil Evans fished out of the way in Jakes selecting to fish the islands and was rewarded with a new PB, a 54-08 Mirror. Joe Pleasence fished the Dug out to the back of an island catching a 34lb mirror. There was also a 33lb from Harry’s and a small stockie from Blown away.


Poachers Pool

Mon РTue saw Harry Darby and his son fishing Poachers. They selected to fish Poachers Point and the Takeaway catching two each at 14, 17, 18 & 18-02. Leigh Welford fished the midweek session catching  28-12 and 12-08 from midwater in the Takeaway. There was at least one further fish at the weekend maybe more but I missed the anglers leaving.