As most of you already know, we at PCF love a good social, getting anglers together and making the most of what we all love – fishing! For the last three years we’ve held annual socials for all members of TeamPCF which mainly consists of adult anglers. We do these regularly (sometimes up to five a year) so we can get as many anglers involved as humanly possible, sure it’s hard work but to see everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves, socialising, getting new PBs and making new friends really does make it all worth while.

Until recently we’ve never held a social for the children of TeamPCF members, and we like a challenge, so once the idea was propositioned we got on to it – sharp! (how sharp? Carl Sharp!).

Last weekend the ‘PCF Junior Social’ was held at East Delph Lakes an intimate venue situated on the edge of Peterborough close to Whittlesey. The owner, James Mackay kindly agreed we could have the venue for the weekend allowing us to introduce the PCF junior recruits to carp fishing.

With other commitments i couldn’t make it myself so the weekend was set up and mainly run by Gary Spencer and Mark Horspool who’s enthusiasm for TeamPCF means we could leave the weekend in Marks more than capable hands to look after for the weekend. Thank you Mark from myself and Gary and all those who attended the weekend.

As you can see from the photos the weekend looked great, lots of anglers enjoying themselves, passing on the tactics, edges and bait secrets to the newbies. There’s nothing better than seeing a persons face who has caught and landed a carp for the first time so for the parents to see their children do so must have been a real treat for them. We’re really chuffed to be a part of this and can only see more of this type of social happening in the future – who knows maybe also a Junior TeamPCF?

The weekend was just for fun so in terms of weights, scores and catches i really don’t have much to go on but you can see the kids and adults did catch a few over the weekend – Dan Seager even caught, which is rare, and i don’t think holding up your own child really counts, but we’ll allow it.

I’ll finish this off by thanking everyone who attended the weekend and helped set up the event. You represent PCF and TeamPCF whilst on the bank and it speaks volumes for us when we have people tell us how good the weekend went.