The first TeamPCF social of 2017 got underway a few weeks ago and as always we had a full turn out all looking to win the match held over the weekend at Holme Fen Fishery. Once the usual tasks were taken care of like putting up the marquee and wheeling the BBQ round we paired up into teams drawing for swims in the usual PCF fashion. This year Gary selected a fine vintage from the back of his cupboard of which no one was sure what liquor this was other than it tasted of alcohol and blackberries. The cups were filled and whatever number was on the bottom of your cup was your position for drawing swims.

With everyones swim now picked they all rushed off to their chosen home for the weekend which meant the match had begun. Myself and Ben Woods were still looking at the map and the remaining swims. Typically i drew a crap cup (16) which meant we drew last and with a little pep talk from Gary and Martin we reluctantly settled on ‘Wasted Time’, a swim I’ve chosen before and … wasted time! Still, it was good to catch up with Ben and we made the most of the social aspect of the weekend.

The first night we didn’t see any catches and with myself having to leave the next day i handed the trusty clip board over to Mark “the beard’ Horspool for safe keeping and to log scores. It wasn’t much longer after i left the catches started rolling in and it was mainly the second and last day we saw some of the better catches.

I have to mention this but i truly believe in terms of team spirit this was the best social so far. Phil Bowers who was doing well and catching, was handing his rods over to other team members, which on a lake that contains a 60+ carp PB that you’re never likely to beat again.. ever, was a real credit to the man. Well done Phil you really do embody what being part of TeamPCF is about and why we started the team in the first place.

Gary, Martin and Mike handled the BBQ this time with our resident PCF Chef (Adam Lowbridge) away, no members have reported food poisoning or worse admitted to hospital so i would say thats a success wouldn’t you Gaz? Watch out Adam they’re after your job! Still, it took three to do one BBQ masters job so i wouldnt worry just yet.

I’ll round this up with just thanking everyone who attended this social, Gary and Ben for helping me organise it and Martin and Mike for the venue. This time around we managed to raise £428.00 for Phil Bowers chosen charity NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Addenbroke’s Hospital.

Also well done to Mark Brown with a new PB!!!!

Match results are as follows:

1st Place:

Phil Bowers – 41lb 3oz, 38lb 3oz, 36lb 12oz
Mark Brown – 22lb 15oz, 38lb, 41lb
Total: 218lb 14oz
2nd Place:
Gary Dorman – 38lb 12oz
Wayne Esberger –
Total: 38lb 12oz
3rd Place:

Jason Bell – 13lb
Nick Dalby – 
Total: 13lb