Welcome to our first report of the New Year, it’s snowing as I write this but on the plus side the days are getting longer and there has been a noticeable increase in telephone calls and e-mails as the anticipation builds for the upcoming warmer spring weather. Whilst most of our lakes are closed for a winter break to allow time for necessary maintenance and of course to give the fish a break, we are noticing that the fish are actually feeding well on the supplementary feed that we introduce on a regular basis, this feed usually consists of pre-soaked boilies from our own PCF range combined with particle and winter feed pellets, so when we open in the early spring our stock are in good health and very active.

The Meadows at Holme Fen Fishery is already almost fully booked as you would expect for the most popular months, however we do have a few spaces left which you can secure by going to the online booking system at holmefenfishery.co.uk this venue has a huge stock of thirty, forty pound fish and at least 6 or 7 different fifties and at least one sixty, so don’t leave it too long. Poachers Pool on the same site is also available for booking by following the same procedure. PCF Team members Paul Sellen and Ollie Peacock had a short session on Poachers last week and despite the freezing cold both anglers caught with Paul’s best fishing weighing 33lb 3oz and Ollie’s 27lb 8oz, all caught on PCF HFF Relish boilies fished over chops and HFF Pellet.

Willow Lake at Fenland Fisheries opens in March and almost all weekends until October are fully booked , what’s left can be booked by calling the on-site shop on 01487 841858 . Vermuyden Lake on the same site remains open during the winter period and as always produces some good winter action. Martin Croxon had the pictured 33lb plus mirror last week on a very cold overnight session, to book Vermuyden please call the above number.

Earith Lakes Fisheries have opened a new Carp Syndicate on the old Trout Lake located next to the already very popular Woodpecker Syndicate. The 12 acre lake has been stocked with a mixture of Commons and Mirrors to 25lb to supplement the unknown number of originals, which have been in the Lake for twenty plus years. Light test fishing last summer produced original fish to 32-08 and stocked fish to 30-01. Membership enquiries can be made using the contact form at www.earithlakes.com.

We expect to have a few places available on the Whittle Mere syndicate at Teakettle Fisheries near Peterborough for the coming year, this 20 acre fully fenced fishery has a good stock of fish to over 40lbs and runs from the 1st May 2017 until the 30th April 2018 and costs £375.00 per season. We also have on the same site the very Beautiful 10 acre lake known as Thorney Mere which will open for the first time this spring, stocked with Mirrors and Commons from doubles to high thirties. We plan to let this lake out for twelve weeks only this year on an exclusive let basis for up to 6 anglers, the cost will be £1,000 per week (6 nights, 7 days) this works out at £166.00 per angler for a week’s fishing, as the lake is 10 acres in size we would consider bigger groups, all inquiries should be mailed to gary@premiumcarpfishing.com

We are also now taking bookings for our other exclusive let venues, Abbey Lake and Blackberry Pool, Justin Webb was given special permission to have a short day session at Abbey Lake last week and bagged four fish to over twenty pounds using our soon to be released Nut Job boilies for further information on all the above go to www.premiumcarpfishing.com