Last weekend we held our biggest TeamPCF social to date, the ‘BIG ONE’ as it was named was nothing less than that. Approximately 60 anglers turned out for this weekend which like previous socials we’ve held in the past was a great success! As with all socials we organise the underlying motive was to raise a few quid for charity with all in attendance digging deep and through weekend fines and donations we raised over £600 for our chosen charity – Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice in Peterborough. Thank you all once again for your kind donations!

This event was a little different to the norm which usually takes place at the brilliant Holme Fen Fishery but with such a huge waiting list we needed a venue that could hold the expected capacity of anglers. Through Garys elusive connections we managed to wangle an 80 acre lake situated in Cambridgeshire which had seen little fishing in the past. On previous ‘test fishing’ outings Gary, Martin and a few others had some excellent catch reports so we knew this lake should make the social an interesting one to say the least.

All arrived for a 1:00pm kick off on the Friday which allowed just enough time to get to the lake, peg out 60 swims, erect the marquee and have the usual onslaught of banter before we moved everyone onto their chosen swims. With all anglers soon fishing finally i could get my gear sorted and put the rods out for a relaxed evening. I was partnered with Ben who was bivvied up next to a few other Teakettle Fishery members along the bank of which Dan Seager was amongst. Dan is one of the most friendly people going and offered to cook up a BBQ for all anglers along our bank along with breakfast the next morning so non of us had to worry about sorting food he took it all in his stride. He is a real credit to Teakettle and TeamPCF too! Well done mate – it was delicious!

Friday was scorching and with the evening rolling in the nearby trees offered some shelter from the baking sun which i reckon no one was more delighted about than Ben ‘red-nose’ Copestake. With many of us sat around the BBQ the fishing really did take a back seat for at least one evening whilst we enjoyed the social side of things.

Catch reports were soon coming in right from the very off! Many of the fish caught were on the far bank from ourselves but a few lads further down managed to bag a couple in the first evening. It was looking to be an eventful weekend!

Saturday afternoon saw all anglers reconvene at the marquee just as the hog roast arrived! You’ll see from the pictures that no one was going hungry this afternoon with the biggest pig I’ve ever seen served up on a tray the size of a bath! With food and beer flowing many was interested to find out who was in the lead, or who had caught the largest fish yet. As with all these events i collate the scores as we go and if memory serves me correctly Wayne ‘Cheeseburger’ Esberger and Kyle Wilson were taking an early lead with Matt Hines and Daryl Tilling not far behind.

I departed the lake Saturday evening for a well earned rest leaving all the others to continue the match arriving back Sunday morning to finish the match and announce who had won. By the time i arrived many had already packed away and was eagerly awaiting the announcements. Word on the grape vine was that Paul Sellens had caught a lake record of 31lb 8oz which was a great result for a lake we wasn’t sure contained any 30s at all. A few other teams had also caught more fish during the second day/night which put some scores very close to judge.

For those who are interested i have posted the winners below with weights, number of fish and biggest fish caught etc. I’ll wrap up this post by firstly thanking Gary Spencer, Martin Dawson and Ben Copestake for helping me put together this event. It is a huge task organising so many anglers but to see everyone enjoying themselves really does make it all worth while. It isn’t until you take part in such an event that you realise what being part of TeamPCF is all about. Also thank you to everyone who took part, your donations and excellent banter! As usual it was on point with the likes of ‘Manc Si’ offering his Mancunian wisdom throughout the evenings and Lewis Mullholland nursing a Coconut from start to finish – he’s a strange one!

The BIG ONE results:

A total of 64 fish were caught during this weekend event

1st place – 140lb
Wayne ‘Cheeseburger’ Esberger
Kyle Wilson

2nd place – 78lb 4oz
Gary Dorman
Steve Dorman

3rd place – 77lb 13oz
Matt Hines
Daryl Tilling

Biggest fish caught – 31lb 8oz
Paul Sellens

PCF Concrete Boot Award
Ben Woods took this accolade with the spectacular slide onto his arse when running to his rods.