The first TeamPCF social of 2016 got underway last weekend with a great turn-out of members all raring to go! As usual things kicked off on Friday morning with Gary, myself, Martin and the Sharps all mucking in moving the marquee over to Holme fen and with the additional help of a few eager members we managed to get set up quick time! (I say we, me and Gary did little and basically watched everyone else erect the marquee whilst we nattered away).

After everyone had arrived we sorted teams and drew pegs in the traditional PCF fashion of numbered cups containing what ever liquor Gary had hanging around from Christmas. The numbers determined the draw order of the swims which meant if you had a number one cup you drew first.

Ady and James Jakings was lucky enough to draw first and with some sound advice laid out by Martin and Gary they chose the ‘pump hole’ swim which was fishing great in the week leading up to the social. Everyone else followed suit and more or less got a swim they was happy with. Everyone except those on the side of the lake with the cold, bitter wind blowing straight into their bivvies, myself included. As Foreigner said it was ‘cold as ice’.

James drew first blood I believe catching a decent 38lb 8oz mirror from the pump hole swim during the first afternoon. During the evening/night a couple of other teams followed with Adam Lowbridge and Calum Devine (20lb 8oz and 15lb) catching from ‘Roadside Poachers Pool’ followed by Wayne Irvine and Paul Fitzjohn catching a couple of decent fish (22lb 2oz and 31lb 7oz) also from Poachers Pool. As things stood, although James had caught what I believe was the biggest carp so far, Adam and Calum was now in the lead with Paul and Wayne in second.

It was now day two and the afternoon consisted of the traditional social BBQ. With meat and drinking on many minds we all filtered through to the marquee after seeing chef Lowbridge sending out smoke signals from the BBQ. The food, drink, company and banter was on top form! Its always a great opportunity to catch up with faces old and new but also find out who the comedians are. Manc Si took Alan Sharps crown this time around with great laughs (mainly at himself) through out the whole weekend earning him the ‘concrete boot’ award which ive seen from photos on Facebook today has been on its travels around Peterborough with Simon. Bit weird if you ask me!

Saturday evening many went back to their swims to do a bit of fishing whilst the few remained and drank the marquee dry then headed to Webby and Parish’s swim a.k.a ‘The Bitter Swim’ to polish off their Stellas. Cheers lads!

The following day saw the end of the match and almost the social. The match finished at 10am and with a few sore heads we again met at the marquee for final results and the raffle and fines.

The final results for the match were as follows:

1st Place:
Ady Jakings – 40lb
James Jakings – 38lb 8oz, 35lb 7oz, 33lb 6oz
Total: 147lb 6oz

2nd Place:
Adam Lowbridge – 20lb 8oz, 33lb
Calum Devine – 15lb, 32lb
Total: 100lb 8oz

3rd Place:
Paul Fitzjohn – 22lb 2oz
Wayne Irvine – 31lb 7oz
Total: 53lb 9oz

The total we raised for charity from this weekend was £488.00 for the winners nominated charity, The Sue Ryder Hospice at Thorpe Wood. Well done and thank you to everyone that helped and turned up for this social. I’m already looking forward to the next one!