This beautiful 10 acre flooded gravel pit sits next to Whittle Mere on the Teakettle Fisheries complex and is now available for booking!

It is more mature than its neighbour, being surrounded by mature trees and with extensive marginal vegetation. The fishery is still being developed, but four double-swims have been created, each with lots of water to fish. Very limited fishing has taken place, but mirrors to over 30lb have been caught during ‘test’ fishing sessions. However, many of the lake’s residents remain uncaught and further stockings are planned prior to opening.

The lake will be available on a letting basis, with numbers and the amount of fishing strictly controlled to maintain the environment and the quality of the fishing. Further details will be posted on the website and Facebook page in due course.

Lake Prices & Information

Thorney Mere is available for exclusive lets only, at a very competitive £1000 per week for up to 6 anglers , the lake will only be open for two weeks per month. We have a very small number of 3 night lets available at £500 ,again for up to 6 Anglers.

Lake Rules

We have worked hard to create a fishery that you and your fellow anglers can enjoy, we do not make rules for the sake of making them, therefore breaking the lake rules will lead to you being asked to leave and you will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid. We have never had to do this before and never want to. Thank you for your anticipated understanding of the fisheries position with regard to this issue.

  • The gate to the entrance to the fishery must always be locked behind you.
  • Under no circumstances should you give access to the fishery to anyone who isn’t a member or hasn’t got permission from the bailiffs to fish with you.
  • You must always ask permission for guests before you arrive at the fishery. Failure to do so may result in you both being asked to leave.
  • No peanuts, tiger nuts or nuts of any kind are allowed. Other particle baits are allowed but please ensure they are prepared properly.
  • Never bring a carp sack on to the fishery. Instant ban for those found to be using them.
  • Minimum line strength of 12lb. Braided mainline is not allowed for fishing rods.
  • Maximum hook size is a size 6. No barbless or bent hooks.
  • Please ensure you have medication to treat hook holds or scale damaged carp.
  • Your rigs must be safe, if you are unsure please ask. If the lake becomes weedy then leaders and lead core will not be allowed. Make sure all leads can be ejected easily on lead clip set ups.
  • Large unhooking mat required at all times. All fish to be photographed over the unhooking mat and returned as soon as possible.
  • Pike fishing is not permitted anywhere on the fishery. You will be banned if you are caught.
  • When the ground is dry you are allowed to park your vehicle close to your swim or in the dedicated parking areas. When the ground is wet we may close access to driving inside the electric lake fences. You will be notified when a closure is in place.
  • You may not arrive or depart from the fishery after 10.00pm or before 6.00am, if the gate at the top of the main road is locked, it must re-locked after you use it.
  • Never leave your rods unattended. Maximum of three rods fishing per angler. This includes your float rod.
  • Bait boats are not allowed. An exception may be made for disabled anglers.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed on the fishery boats. You are not insured.
  • All litter to be taken home with you.
  • The toilet is positioned near the gate to Whittle Mere, it is here to be used. Using your swim as a toilet is not an option. Do not try to flush wet wipes.
  • Have respect for your fellow angler; do not cast into each other’s swims. If you are unsure go round and ask.
  • Never damage bank side trees, shrubs or reeds.
  • Dogs are allowed providing they are kept under control. You are also responsible for cleaning up after them.
  • Do not pass items over the electric fence. The electric gate hooks must always be returned to the clips when you close the gate.


Please note that you use Teakettle Fisheries facilities entirely at your own risk. Under no circumstances will Teakettle Fisheries or its shareholders and employees be held responsible for any injury to yourself and/or loss or damage to your belongings. If you notice anything of concern, a member breaking the rules or non-members onsite fishing or otherwise please contact a Teakettle bailiff. All phone numbers can be found on the gate the Whittle Mere.

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