The lake has been run as a trout lake for the past 20 years with a small number of carp being left to their own devices over this time.

Trout fishing has nor stopped with the majority of trout being removed and approx 70 carp introduced (some 4 years ago) from between 12 and 23lb to boost the original stock , number of which are unknown.

The Trout lake is a 12 acre gravel pit dug in 1960’s for gravel and sand extraction. There will be around 15 swims consisting of a mixture of natural grass verges and purpose built dugouts. Parking is located on one side of the lake providing very close access to a number of swims and easy access to the rest.

Trial fishing has produced a number of original fish to 34-08 (there could well be bigger) plus stockies up to 30lb. I would estimate the average weight being around 20 – 23lb which will quickly increase as these young fish start taking on high protein foods.

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