Here at Premium Carp Fishing we believe that carp fishing is all about the taking part – the getting out there and actually doing it! It’s this quality that we actively encourage.

PCF are now recruiting to form a ‘band of brothers’ (and sisters) who we feel have the above qualities amongst others to become part of our team. The team positions aren’t chosen from those who can fish for longer periods, have access to big fish waters or are always in the angling press.

We believe that we can bring together a select team of anglers from around the country, who can help promote the PCF brand, enjoy PCF social events and have the opportunity to try new or proven PCF baits before anyone else.

Benefits members get:

  • Discounted Bait – PCF bait range at a discounted price.
  • Promotional Deals – First access to new PCF bait ranges.
  • Social Events – Invites to TeamPCF social events.
  • Priority Booking – Access to booking PCF venues first.
  • Exclusive Clothing – Access to TeamPCF clothing range.
  • Social Media – Access to TeamPCF Facebook page.

Fill out the form below and send to Carl Sharp to join TeamPCF!

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