Premium Carp Food - Red Berry
A Classic, Balanced Food Bait including Haiths Robin Red®

Red Berry is a tried and trusted formulation that combines high quality fishmeals, Robin Red®, milk proteins, minamino and a blend of essential oils, including black pepper and geranium. Red berry gets its deep red in colour through the inclusion the world renowned bird food ingredient Haiths Robin Red® which provides nutrition as well as being a superb attractor with a totally unique smell and taste. This balanced bait is easy to digest and provides all the nutritional requirements that carp need to thrive.

10mm Boilies

PCF Red Berry 10mm Boilies

14mm Boilies

PCF Red Berry 14mm Boilies

18mm Boilies

PCF Red Berry 18mm Boilies

Pop ups


Hard Hookers




Liquid Enhancer


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