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Daniel Hadman - Premium Carp Fishing
Daniel Hadman - Premium Carp Fishing

BP Magic

By Steve Evans
In May 14, 2015

There’s a syndicate lake hidden on the outskirts of Peterborough that is very rarely publicised, in fact even i didn’t know about it until i went for a look around the fishery. The lake i mention is the ‘BP lake’ which has been run as a syndicate water since i can remember by fishery owner Dave Mennie and is situated next door to Greenacres.

It wasn’t that long ago a good friend and Whittle Mere syndicate member Dan Hadman told me he was joining the BP syndicate to try and catch an elusive carp named ‘the kinky back common’, a carp which hasn’t seen an anglers net since 2003.

I think it was Tuesday 6th or Wednesday 7th May I heard Dan was off for his first session on BP, i knew he was planning on fishing because trying to phone him and getting an answer was near on impossible.

Dan kicked things off with catching a stunning dark common on his first morning of fishing using Premium Carp Food’s Crystal white pop ups. The common weighed in at 23lb 6oz which Dan was well chuffed with considering he’d only been there a few hours.

Later that day Dan was enjoying the evening with fishery owner Dave Mennie and also Steve Broad when his rod ripped off again and he was into another carp! Two carp in any ones first session of a lake they’ve never put anytime into isn’t bad in my book but what makes this extremely lucky was the fish that was on the end of the line. Ive used a quote below from Dan’s Facebook account as i couldn’t put it better myself.

“No words can really describe what’s just happened, or how I’m feeling right now. I’ve only gone a caught the kinky back common 39lb 4oz of true old English beauty! It’s not been out since 2003 apparently so long over due and now a new lake record!”

Congratulations Dan from everyone at PCF you’ve displayed some epic carping skills to catch your target fish within the first day of fishing a new lake, you’ll have all year to relax and reminisce on a truly stunning lake.

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