Ever wondered who’s who at Premium Carp Fishing?

The faces below are all the integral people who make PCF what it is today, each person has their own specific roles within the company to achieve top quality carp food, excellent carp venues, consistent branding and help PCF reach new carpers around the country. We’re a friendly bunch so if you want to chat about anything please use the contact page or alternatively visit our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Gary Spencer - Premium Carp Fishing

Gary Spencer

Head Honcho
Mike Hawes - Premium Carp Fishing

Mike Hawes

Fenland Fisheries Owner / Holme Fen Fishery Co-owner
Phil Grice - Premium Carp Fishing

Phil Grice

Abbey Lake & Blackberry Pool Co-owner
Dave Mennie - Premium Carp Fishing

Dave Mennie

Teakettle Fisheries Co-owner
Martin Dawson - Premium Carp Fishing

Martin Dawson

Earith Lakes Fisheries Owner / Holme Fen Fishery Co-owner
Steve Evans

Steve Evans

Media Consultant / Teakettle Fishery Head Bailiff
Carl Sharp

Carl Sharp

Senior Consultant / TeamPCF Manager

Mark Horspool

Premium Carp Fishing
Premium Carp Fishing is dedicated to bringing you the best carp fishing in the Cambridgeshire area and to equip you with the best possible bait to catch carp at home and abroad.
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