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Over 4 Decades of Carp Fishing & Bait Making!

Premium Carp Fishing is dedicated to bringing you the best carp fishing in the Cambridgeshire area and to equip you with the best possible bait to catch carp at home and abroad. With a broad portfolio of lake venues to cater to everyone’s carp fishing and a wide variety of carp fishing baits to match, we really do offer almost everything you need for carp fishing.

Premium Carp Fishing History – Gary Spencer

  1. What age did you start carp fishing, or any fishing for that matter?
    My first fishing trips were with my Grandfather who was a very keen match angler at the time, we fished for Bream, Roach, Chub etc on the Rivers’ Nene and Welland, I guess I was about 9 years old, it’s a long time ago! I caught my first Carp by design in 1974 from the Electricity Cut on the River Nene, floating crust, free lined in the Lily pads.
  1. When did you start making bait?
    I first started making bait in 1977 when I joined my first syndicate water which was called Parnells and run by Elliot Symak. Boilies were not around then and boiled baits were called Specials, very basic ingredients like cat and dog foods, mixed with eggs and flour and dropped into boiling water to skin them, so the pesky silver fish could not eat them as quick as our old paste baits.

    For a boiled special to be any good it had to be soft enough to strike the hook out! no hair rigs then! I was mad keen in them days and would spend hours mixing up all sorts of crap to see if I could stumble across a wonder bait. Back then there were not many Carp anglers locally and to be honest I think we were miles behind the lads down south, fortunately for me at the time Pete Regan joined the Parnells syndicate, and as he was catching loads more than anyone else, I made a pest of myself at every opportunity.

    Pete was brilliant and taught me loads, mostly common sense stuff really (and the hair rig). I remember getting my hands on some artificial banana flavour in 1978 and could not wait to tell Pete, thinking he would be impressed, not so! he told me in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to make my boilies taste and smell of Bananas, to put some f—cking bananas in them! lesson learnt. I will always be very grateful to Pete Regan, to my mind back then, he was the man and although I have only bumped into him once in the last 40 odd years he still is.       

  1. Would you say bait making is a passion of yours? You enjoy creating bait and helping anglers catch?
    Having always made my own bait or sourced what I thought was the best possible bait, for whatever species for approximately 40 years, I am of course therefore, extremely passionate about it, and still get excited if something new comes along, or I hear a snippet of info on a particular process or ingredient.

    I also have to say that over the years there has been enough bullshit and bollocks spouted about so called wonder baits, it’s hardly surprising that anglers get a bit obsessed with it all. I often see anglers giving nearly all of the credit for their captures to their bait company rather than their angling ability or just good fortune to be in the right place at the right time. Bait development over the last 30 odd years has been relatively slow and most commercially available bait is very similar, so fish were they live and don’t scare them would be my best advice.

    The bait we make and sell is a very good quality product, nutritional, digestible, instantly attractive and suitable for long term use, it is not the holy grail, you still have to do your bit.

  1. What year was Premium Carp Food founded?
    Premium Carp Fishing started selling commercially available bait 5 years ago as Premium Carp Food (PCF) It seemed a natural add on to our already growing list of PCF Lakes. We have no ambition to be big or indeed make a fortune, it is in fact almost a hobby but one in which we put in plenty of heart and soul because if it’s worth doing it should be done properly.
  1. What was your first lake which started the avenue of having a portfolio of carp lakes?
    The first lake we had was Abbey Lake, 5 acres in a rural setting and for the exclusive use of up to 4 anglers . At the same time we started, we had Willow Lake and Vermuyden Lake at Fenland Fisheries which were already established day ticket fisheries and owned by my long time buddy Mike Hawes. They were the first and have now been joined by several other day ticket, exclusive let and syndicate fisheries as detailed on our website.

Who are Premium Carp Fishing

The faces below are all the integral people who make PCF what it is today, each person has their own specific roles within the company to achieve top quality carp food, excellent carp venues, consistent branding and help PCF reach new carpers around the country. We’re a friendly bunch so if you want to chat about anything please use the contact page or alternatively visit our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Gary Spencer

Premium Carp Fishing Owner


Mike Hawes

Fenland Fisheries Owner / Holme Fen Fishery Co-owner


Phil Grice

Abbey Lake and Blackberry Pool Co-owner


Steve Evans

Media Consultant / Teakettle Fisheries Bailiff


Martin Dawson

Earith Lakes Fisheries Owner / Holme Fen Fishery Co-owner


Dave Mennie

Teakettle Fisheries Co-owner


Ben Copestake

Media Consultant / Teakettle Fisheries Bailiff


Carl Sharp

Consultant / TeamPCF Manager


Mark Horspool

Consultant / Tutor


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